Why Men's Wellbeing Hubs?

Sheds are about meeting like-minded people and having someone to share your worries with. They are about having fun, sharing skills and knowledge with like-minded people and gaining a renewed sense of purpose and belonging.

Sheds reduce isolation and loneliness. Men can deal with mental health challenges more easily and remain independent. Sheds help rebuild communities and  can save men’s lives!

CardiShed will develop into a high quality workshop, offering men from all ages training in old and new skills.

More than a men's shed, its a wellbeing hub ....

As men settle into working in CardiShed often past experiences begin to emerge, that need attention. So men2men are developing a hub, which also offers men access to men's sharing circles, 1:1 support sessions, counselling and even in some cases massage therapy! They also encourage access to other projects such as woodland therapy and walks in nature!